We Clarify Tech Concepts and Make Them Accessible for the Whole World

There is no denying that keeping up technology is no simple feat, and that it’s ever-changing nature can even leave enthusiasts stumped at times.

As technology enthusiasts who have been immersed in this field for almost two decades, we have experienced almost all the frustrating parts of various technologies, which is why we fully understand how it feels when a device or application that should be fairly simple to use becomes a complete nuisance.

At Techie Llama, we have one clear mission in mind, which is to make technology easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of expertise, as we believe that every single person should be able to benefit from what technology has to offer without necessarily having to become an expert at it or jump through many hoops that practically take away all the fun of trying out new technologies.

So, whether you’re a power user or a beginner, you can count on us to provide trustable, applicable, and in-depth (but not needlessly complicated!) information about any tech subject, which our expert writers carefully craft by combining their own experiences and the experiences of the tech community as a whole.

Our Team (AKA The Llamas)

Mark Jackson


Mark’s first real encounter with tech was when he had to format his computer with Windows 98 around the age of 6 to quickly get back to playing Heroes of Might and Magic III without having to send the computer in for a repair, which he strangely found to be rather enjoyable since it was a new challenge for him at the time.

While he has always been particularly interested in the software side of things, which eventually led to him becoming a software developer, he enjoys keeping up with the advancements in consumer electronics and smart home technology when he’s not busy coding.

Mary Lee

Content Producer

While she would define herself more as an art person than a tech person, Mary has a deep rooted love for tech that comes from fixing computers ever since she was a child during the days of dial-up internet, as she had a knack for tech that made her family members come to her for solutions all the time.

After a short stint as a software developer, Mary found her true calling to be UI/UX design, which gave her a way to stay involved in technology while also being able to express her artistic side.

In her free time, Mary enjoys playing video games on a console and tinkering with smart home devices to beautify her home.