AirPods Pro Beeping – What Does It Mean & How to Fix?

The AirPods Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best purchases you can make for a complete and pleasurable listening experience on your Apple devices, as it combines sound quality, comfort, and ease of use in one product that integrates seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem.

That being said, the AirPods Pro, like any other electronic device, is not without issues either, with many users reporting the occurrence of consistent beeping sounds, in particular, that prevent them from thoroughly enjoying the experience that the earbuds should provide.

While the beeping can indeed become aggravating, finding out the issue and solving it becomes a breeze once you familiarize yourself with the meaning of all the different sounds that your AirPods Pro can make, which is precisely what we will do today.

Below, we have listed the most common reasons that can cause your AirPods Pro to make beeping sounds:

  • Low battery or imminent shutdown
  • Repeated connection and disconnection cycles
  • Repeated switching between noise control modes
  • Malfunctioning noise-canceling microphones

Moving forward, we will take a deeper look into the distinct culprits behind each of the different beeping sounds that the AirPods Pro can make and go through the solutions that correspond to these culprits to prevent the beeping sounds from occurring again.

What Can Cause the AirPods Pro to Make Beeping Sounds?

There is no denying that an AirPods Pro that makes beeping sounds all the time is not exactly fit for usage, as the beeping will make it practically impossible to correctly and consistently hear the content you are consuming.

Below, you can find sub-sections that correspond to each of the culprits behind the occurrence of the AirPods Pro beeping problem, along with detailed explanations that clarify how they can create the issue.

Low Battery or Imminent Shutdown

The most common factor that can cause your AirPods Pro to beep is running low on battery or completely running out of battery and being about to shut down.

Whenever your AirPods Pro reaches 20% battery or is just about to reach 0% battery, it will make a sound that we can describe as a series of differently toned beeps that are somewhat high-pitched to inform you that you will need to charge your AirPods Pro soon.

As a result, under standard conditions, you should only encounter this sound a maximum of two times in one battery cycle of your AirPods Pro.

To verify that this is indeed the scenario, you can quickly check the battery status of your AirPods Pro by opening its case and looking at the screen of the Apple device that it’s connected to as soon as you hear the sound, which should show you that it’s either at 20% or close to 0%.

Repeated Connection and Disconnection Cycles

Another factor that can cause your AirPods Pro to beep is the connection between the AirPods Pro and the device they’re connected to dropping dropped and re-established.

When the AirPods Pro establishes a connection with the device you’re connecting it to, it makes a beeping sound to inform you that you can start using your AirPods Pro now. In this case, the sound consists of two differently toned beeps.

airpods connected iphone

Likewise, when the connection between the device and the AirPods Pro is lost, you will hear a different beeping sound to inform you of the connectivity status once again. The disconnect sound is practically a differently toned version of the connect sound.

airpods disconnected iphone

In cases where the connection between the device and the AirPods Pro is constantly lost and regained, the connect and the disconnect sounds will end up playing over and over, creating a scenario where your AirPods Pro is continuously beeping.

Such connectivity issues can happen for many reasons, such as software bugs, Bluetooth interference, and either of the devices automatically connecting to other devices.

Repeated Switching Between Noise Control Modes

Similarly to the beeping sounds created by the low battery, connect, and disconnect events, the AirPods will also use sound to communicate the current noise control mode that is active.

When the AirPods Pro quickly cycles between noise control modes, the beeping sounds that belong to each mode will play one after the other, which will cause your AirPods Pro to beep continuously.

In this case, the noise canceling on and off modes will consist of a single beep in different tones, and the Transparency mode will consist of two quick beeps, like a “bling” sound.

Repeated accidental switching between noise control modes can happen due to issues such as software bugs or mistakenly pressed force sensors.

Malfunctioning Noise Cancelling Microphones

Last but not least, malfunctioning noise-canceling microphones can be the reason your AirPods Pro is beeping. In this case, the beeping sound is entirely different from the sounds we mentioned earlier in our list.

When the noise canceling mode of the AirPods Pro is activated, the outward-facing and the inward-facing microphones on the earbuds become active, and they start to collect the data necessary for the noise canceling to work.

The inward-facing microphones are the microphones that are located behind the AirPods Pro, which have the responsibility of picking up the internal sounds in your ear, which the noise canceling algorithm utilizes to cancel out.

On the other hand, the outward-facing microphones are the microphones located below the AirPods Pro, which are responsible for picking up the external sounds in the environment, which are also required for the noise canceling algorithm to operate.

In the case where any of these microphones malfunction, the sound generated by the noise canceling algorithm will be incorrect, prompting your AirPods Pro to emit an audible sound rather than one that counters the external and internal sounds to create silence.

When this happens, the beeping sound is often high-pitched, loud, and continuous, often described as a screeching sound that can shift in volume and pitch based on how you position the earbuds in your ear and whether the microphones come into close contact with another object.

While such a malfunction can occur for various reasons, including hardware failures that require replacement, the most common reasons are dirt and dust blocking the microphones and microphones absorbing moisture.

Below, you can find a video where all the different beeping sounds that the AirPods Pro can make to inform you of an event are listed, along with the meaning of each distinct sound.

How to Prevent the AirPods Pro from Beeping?

Now that we have gone through all the potential culprits that can cause the AirPods Pro to make beeping sounds, it’s time to find out how to prevent the beeping sounds from occurring again.

Keep Your AirPods Pro Fully Charged

Keeping your AirPods Pro charged will ensure that you never encounter the Low Battery beeping sound that most users seem to find an annoyance, as your AirPods won’t go below the 20% threshold if you charge them frequently.

airpods battery level iphone

Our primary recommendations to keep your AirPods Pro fully charged at all times would be to plug the case in whenever possible to allow the earbuds to consistently charge in storage and regularly check the battery status to have a good idea of when to charge them.

Reset Your AirPods Pro

While our primary reason for suggesting a reset is to resolve connectivity issues and prevent the beeping that occurs due to repeated disconnection and connection, it can be the solution for various problems.

Below, you can find a step-by-step guide that you can follow to reset your AirPods Pro:

  1. Place both earbuds into the case and close the lid.
  2. Wait for 30 to 40 seconds.
  3. Open the lid of the charging case.
  4. Put the earbuds in your ears, and connect them to your iPhone.
  5. Navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth, and click the Info button next to the AirPods entry.
  6. Tap the Forget This Device button, and confirm.
  7. Open the lid of the charging case.
  8. Press the button on the charging case until the light starts flashing amber and turns white afterward.
  9. Place the AirPods back in the case, and keep the lid open.
  10. Reconnect the AirPods to your device.
iphone forget this device

Please note that you will need to re-configure your AirPods settings after the reset, as they will be erased as a part of the resetting procedure.

Clean and Dry Your AirPods Pro Regularly

Cleaning your AirPods Pro regularly and keeping them dry are the two essentials to ensure that your earbuds stay in good condition for a prolonged time, as several components on the earbuds easily get affected by dirt and moisture.

For the purposes of fixing the beeping problem, our primary recommendation would be to clean all microphone meshes (both for the inward and the outward facing microphones) thoroughly with the help of a dry cotton swab.

When cleaning your AirPods Pro, refrain from using liquids or sharp objects, as you may end up damaging the earbuds.

Ensure That the Force Sensor Isn’t Being Pressed

A mistakenly pressed force sensor is the primary culprit behind the noise control modes of the AirPods Pro switching inadvertently, which can easily go unnoticed in some scenarios.

If the beeping sound you’re hearing is related to the noise control modes, pressing the force sensors once to ensure that they aren’t stuck and preventing anything that can potentially trigger them from coming into contact should do the job.


While being frequently exposed to the various beeping sounds that your AirPods Pro makes can become annoying over time if you don’t know why they occur, the sounds themselves often convey pieces of information you can use to find out the root cause behind the issue.

Below, you can find a quick summary of the culprits that can cause your AirPods Pro to make beeping sounds:

  • The AirPods Pro is down to 20% or 0% battery.
  • The AirPods Pro is losing and regaining connection repeatedly.
  • The AirPods Pro is constantly switching between noise control modes.
  • The noise canceling microphones of the AirPods Pro is malfunctioning.

If you haven’t been able to find the reasoning behind the beeping sounds that your AirPods Pro is making, we highly recommend contacting Apple Support, as it’s entirely possible for for the earbuds to have a hardware issue that you won’t be able to resolve yourself.