Kindle Paperwhite Stuck on Tree Screen? Here’s How to Fix It

While the topic of enjoyment is definitely up for debate, with some readers preferring the feel of a physical book, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that a Kindle makes reading much more convenient, especially if you’re on the move, or enjoy switching between multiple books.

That being said, in some cases, the convenience that comes with the Kindle can suddenly turn upside down, with it experiencing technical issues that prevent it from operating as intended, creating a scenario where having access to the physical book would come in handy.

Today, our topic will be one such particular issue that will prevent you from enjoying your Kindle where the device gets stuck on the startup screen, also known as the tree screen (due to there being an image of a tree under the Kindle logo), and doesn’t boot up when you power it on.

So, how can you fix a Kindle Paperwhite stuck on the tree screen?

Below, you can find the solutions we recommend applying to fix a Kindle Paperwhite stuck on the tree screen:

  • Reset your Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Fully charge your Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Tap and Press on both sides of your Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Put your Kindle Paperwhite into the freezer.
  • Let the battery of your Kindle Paperwhite entirely run out.

In the upcoming sections, we will be diving into the process of fixing a Kindle Paperwhite stuck on the tree screen in more detail and discuss the factors that can contribute to the occurrence of this issue to find out potential preventative measures that can be applied to reduce the likelihood of the problem happening again.

How to Fix a Kindle Paperwhite Stuck on Tree (Startup) Screen?

Since your Kindle Paperwhite being stuck on the tree screen will practically render it unusable until you resolve the issue at hand, there is no denying that coming across this problem can create a highly frustrating experience.

Below, you can find sub-sections for all the potential fixes we recommend applying to resolve the issue of your Kindle Paperwhite being stuck in the tree screen, in which we will explain how you can utilize each solution in detail and clarify how it can be helpful to resolve the issue.

Reset Your Kindle Paperwhite

The first and foremost solution on our list to resolve the problem you’re facing is to reset your Kindle Paperwhite, which is a straightforward process that you can apply in less than a minute.

To reset your Kindle Paperwhite, all you will need to do is to press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds and then release it.

As the reset can take a minute or two in some cases, we highly recommend using a stopwatch to ensure that you have held the Power button down for a sufficient amount of time and waiting a bit once you release it.

If the reset is successful, the screen of your Kindle Paperwhite should go off, flash one or two times, bring up the tree screen again, and hopefully, display the loading bar that indicates it’s booting up successfully.

On the other hand, in cases where the reset does not solve the issue, or if you can’t get the reset to work, we highly recommend attempting the process a few more times in different variations, such as doing it with the Kindle plugged into your computer or the official power adapter and holding the Power button down for a slightly longer amount of time.

Fully Charge Your Kindle Paperwhite

The following solution we recommend is to fully charge your Kindle Paperwhite, as this will ensure that the Kindle getting stuck on the tree screen does not occur due to the device having a low or critical battery level.

For good measure, our recommendation would be to let your Kindle Paperwhite charge for 24 hours, ensuring that the battery is at a healthy level even if there are any problems related to the speed of charging.

To confirm that your Kindle is charging, you can check the LED light at the bottom (next to the Power button), which should be flashing orange during the charging process, and green when the Kindle is at full battery.

If you’re experiencing issues with the charging light not coming on, our recommendation would be to replace the cable with a new one, use the official Kindle power adapter for the charging process, and switch to a different socket on the power strip you’re using.

Once your Kindle is fully charged, we recommend applying the reset procedure we discussed in the previous section again, both with the Kindle plugged and unplugged.

Tap and Press On Both Sides of Your Kindle Paperwhite

Even though we can consider this to be a bit of an unconventional solution, some users have observed success with thoroughly tapping and pressing (similar to a massaging motion) on both sides of the Kindle, including the screen and the frame.

The idea behind this solution is to potentially reconnect any hardware components that may have disconnected due to physical damage to the Kindle, with even a light drop potentially contributing to the problem at hand.

While it’s not something that we can directly recommend due to it potentially causing damage to your Kindle Paperwhite, giving the device a few light smacks is also something that some users have seen success with, which can be something to try if you run out of options.

Once you’re done, we recommend attempting to reset your Kindle Paperwhite once again and see if it fixes things.

Put Your Kindle Paperwhite into the Freezer

While this can sound ridiculous at first, there have been some reports of users getting their Kindle Paperwhite to work by leaving it in the freezer for a short period (~30 minutes), taking it out, and resetting it by long pressing the power button, as we have mentioned earlier.

Even though it’s hard to say how exactly this solution contributes to solving the problem, the most likely reason that comes to mind is any hardware contact issues, such as dry solders, getting fixed due to thermal contraction.

When applying this method, ensure that the Kindle is not warm before you put it into the freezer (which can be the case if it has been charging), and place it in a sealable bag to avoid potential liquid contact.

Please use this solution at your own risk since it can cause damage to your Kindle Paperwhite, especially if you leave it in the freezer for way too long.

Wait For the Battery of Your Kindle Paperwhite to Run Out

When everything else fails, waiting for the battery of your Kindle Paperwhite to run out can be the solution that saves it from being stuck in the tree screen, as this will cause the device to power off completely and allow you to cold boot it from scratch.

Even though this process can take a considerable amount of time, especially when the battery of your Kindle Paperwhite is fully charged, you won’t have to spend any time on this solution as you can leave your Kindle Paperwhite in storage for however long it takes for the battery to drain.

What Causes the Kindle Paperwhite to Be Stuck on Tree (Startup) Screen?

While this isn’t always the case, having an understanding of the factors that can contribute to the occurrence of a particular technical issue can potentially be helpful in taking the necessary measures to prevent the problem from happening again.

Even though there isn’t an official piece of information about the causes behind the issue of the Kindle Paperwhite getting stuck on the tree screen, we have found the most likely culprits to be as follows:

  • Software bugs
  • Battery & charging related issues
  • Malfunctioning hardware components

To avoid software bugs as best as possible, our recommendations would be to keep your Kindle Paperwhite up-to-date at all times, correctly eject it before removing the USB connection from your computer, and avoid turning it on when the battery is at a critical level.

On the other hand, for the hardware side of things, we recommend keeping your Kindle and its battery in good condition by avoiding full charges and discharges, refraining from leaving the battery depleted for prolonged periods, avoiding any physical damage, and storing it in a cool environment.


While there is no doubt that having your Kindle Paperwhite stuck on the tree screen is a frustrating situation to be in, especially if you were looking forward to enjoying a book before closing out the day, it should usually be possible to resolve the issue with some basic troubleshooting.

Here is a summary of the solutions that we recommend applying to fix the issue of your Kindle Paperwhite being stuck on the tree screen:

  • Soft reset your Kindle Paperwhite to resolve the minor software bugs that can cause the problem.
  • Fully charge your Kindle Paperwhite to rule out any battery and charging-related issues.
  • Tap and press on both sides of your Kindle Paperwhite to potentially re-seat any hardware components that could have been detached.
  • Put your Kindle Paperwhite in the freezer for a short amount of time to potentially fix issues stemming from dry solders or the battery.
  • Let the battery of your Kindle Paperwhite run out to make a cold boot possible.

If the solutions we have mentioned haven’t been helpful in resolving your issue, our primary recommendation would be to contact Amazon Support, as you will most likely need to send your Kindle in for a repair or replacement.